Park Status Updates - Feb 2024

This park has come such a long way and we couldn't do it without your donations of funds, materials and time. Kids as young as 4 can start playing soccer and adults that are too old to remember their birthdays can still enjoy pickelball (and school some of those young kids). We've accomplished so much and still have room to grow. Thank you Eureka!


Park Status Updates - May 2022

The ice rink is done. The Roller Rink is poured and boards are up around the rink. Pickleball courts are poured and shoudl be completed in the summer of 2022. Work on the mult-use fields is underway as well as the walking/biking/pump track.



We've had big donations from The Eureka Montana Quilt Foundation, Lincoln Electric, High Mountain Reality, Bushfield and Wireless Construction Service Corp, Glacier Bank, Kallispell Regional Medical Center, and InterBel. It is exciting to see the momentum behind this project! WBC donated lumber for the boards around the hockey rink and voulteers started painting them. We had a big grant come through from The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation. Be sure to checkout the status update page.


Build The Park!

Soccer fields of all sizes, a running trail, mountain bike trail, and an ice/roller hockey rink! We need your input, donations of time, materials, or money. We've already raised a substantial amount of money for the first phase and secured 20 acres. This isn't just a dream, it is happening. Are you in?

Why now? Because Blake Lancaster is working on his Eagle Scout project for the Boy Scouts of America. He said "I think that people in this community need access to more healthy activities, especially in the winter time."  His goal to have a hockey rink has grown into something much larger.



A park isn't something to build and forget about. It needs upkeep, maintainence, and ongoing sports programs. The Eureka Youth Sports League was formed for this purpose. Building a park is just the start!

We have already met with a great deal of enthusiasm and assistance with this project. We would like to thank County Commissioner Josh Letcher for finding us the park site and paving the way for its use.  We would also like to thank School Superintendent Jim Mepham for partnering with us to put the park on land controlled by the school.  Finally, we would like to thank Mr. Ray Ellis, head of Lincoln Electric for his assistance in planning for power to the hockey rink.  Without their support this park would not be possible. We are grateful for all those who have helped us so far but there is much left to be done. We will need your help to fund and build the rink.  Our first need is donations to fund the project.  We will also need volunteers to help with planning and construction as well as to maintain the park once finished.


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